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Daffoldis Flyer
Daffoldis Flyer

So, you want to create a change in the community, give back to communities, make lives better for some people and you have it planned out in your head but you don’t have the time or you think you don’t have enough money to create the change you desire….hmmmm. Maybe, you only have the desire to create positive change but you have no idea how to or what exactly you can do to impact people’s lives, don’t worry Daffodils Africa will help you figure it all out and go all out for you to birth the change you desire to see in communities. With Daffodils Africa, your CSR intentions get ticked to be a reality.

Celebrate With Impact

Mark your celebration with impacts. Daffodils Africa will help you achieve a FULFILLING CELEBRATION when we go all out for you to implement a social impact project in your name and posterity. Birthday or Anniversary Coming Soon?

More Than Partying
Your celebrations don’t have to be all about partying, you can do MORE THAN PARTYING! You didn’t get this far by thinking within the box, so, beyond the typical lavish spending in celebration, go outside the box by celebrating your milestones with impacts. All you have to do is engage Daffodils Africa to make a true impact in alignment with a cause that is dear to your heart while your legacies are enduringly etched in the hearts of people, old or young. We ignite impactful reflection of your life through the implementation of projects in alignment with any of the 17 SDGS such as promoting education, skills acquisition, business empowerment, medical outreaches, etc.

Tourist with a

Touring any African country just got better with Daffodils Africa. Be an impact-driven tourist, and have an unforgettable impact when you visit/tour an African country by engaging Daffodils Africa to lead you to ignite social change in your tour/host communities. Make your tourism experience more engaging and fulfilling as we help you achieve double-edged satisfaction both as a tourist and a changemaker when Daffodils Africa creates a window for you to actively impact communities.

Are you a tourist company? Don’t miss the opportunity to gain closer native access and build real connections between your tourists and natives of your host communities by engaging Daffodils Africa to curate impact-driven projects for your tourists. This will help to strengthen your business’ value to the host communities and promote your business viability to your tourist clients. Daffodils Africa has a diverse range of genuine projects that align with the United Nations’ 17 SDGs that you can explore to make a difference in any African community such as; medical outreaches on the tourist site, menstrual hygiene workshops for girls, education support, etc.

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