Building Bridges of Impact

Building Bridges of Impact in Africa

Accessibility of equal opportunities for development to all, regardless of their
background or location.

We are a social enterprise committed to implementing social impact projects for individuals, organizations and government. At Daffodils Africa, we are not just about fancy reports and jargon. We are about real, compassionate people like you taking an amazing yet simple step to help real people like them in low-income communities who deserve a chance to thrive.

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With us,
you can create meaningful change, stress-free

We recognize that progressive individuals and organizations desire to give back to society but may not understand the dynamics of systemic impact in society. Hence, Daffodils Africa is committed to helping our clients craft enduring legacies that transform society.


What We Do

Daffodils Africa is dedicated to advancing diversity, equality, and inclusion in Africa through the implementation of social impact projects for individuals, and organisations who have social development or CSR intentions. We execute any range of social impact projects included in the 17 Social Development Global Goals as selected by the project’s sponsor. However, we prioritize the implementation of social impact projects in the following SDGs across African countries;

Our Influence

Made Easy

Daffodils Africa is here to make social impact or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) easy and effective for individuals, organizations, and governments. We build social capital for you with zero stress on your table- we are the hands and legs that reach the unreached on your behalf bringing hope to people’s hearts and smiles to their faces. With us, your resources can always fund an impact, your ability to make a difference in other people’s lives is not limited by insufficient funds and time. You dream change, we deliver impact for you!

Celebrating success through inspiring stories of impact and change.

At Daffodils Africa, we strongly believe that empowering a woman equals providing for at least 3 or 4 people. According to Forbes Africa, Africa’s economic recovery can be meaningfully accelerated if policymakers and the private sector step up their efforts to empower women – a group that accounts for more than half of the continent’s population. Hence, to celebrate International Women’s Day 2024, Daffodils Africa empowered two women-owned small-scale businesses in a low-income community in Lagos, Nigeria. We curated a SOCIAL IMPACT AJO/CONTRIBUTION that helped create connections for social impact of helping two women who are striving to cater for their children through their business. Thanks to the different donors that contributed to the SOCIAL IMPACT AJO/CONTRIBUTION, these women businesses and their children are faring better.


Celebrate With Impact

Mark your celebration with impacts. Daffodils Africa will help you achieve a FULFILLING CELEBRATION when we go all out for you to implement a social impact project in your name and posterity.

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Tourist With a Difference

Touring any African country just got better with Daffodils Africa. Be an impact-driven tourist, and have an unforgettable impact when you visit/tour an African country by engaging Daffodils Africa to lead you to ignite social change in your tour/host communities. Make your tourism experience more engaging and fulfilling as we help you achieve double-edged satisfaction both as a tourist and a changemaker when Daffodils Africa creates a window for you to actively impact communities.

Clients Reviews

"Daffodils Africa exceeded our expectations in guiding us to create a lasting impact. Their expertise made societal transformation seamless. Crafting legacies with them is genuinely stress-free and rewarding."
Daffodils Africa, our nonprofit partner, has revolutionized our approach to helping the less privileged. Their expert guidance ensures a seamless process, making our philanthropic journey both impactful and stress-free."
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