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About us

We are a social enterprise committed to implementing social impact projects for individuals, organizations, and government. At Daffodils Africa, we are not just about fancy reports and jargon. We are about real, compassionate people like you taking an amazing yet simple step to help real people like them in low-income communities who deserve a chance to thrive. We roll up our sleeves to create impact for you; building connections, sharing skills, and sparking opportunities that change lives. Think of us as your neighbors who simply believe in your superpower to help a community overcome any obstacle. We are committed to helping you build social capital – by weaving networks of support, one helping hand at a time. Because when people come together, amazing things happen.

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Service to Humanity

With Daffodils Africa,
you can create meaningful change in your world,

We recognize that progressive individuals and organizations desire to give back to society but may not understand the dynamics of systemic impact in society. Hence, Daffodils Africa is committed to helping our clients craft enduring legacies that transform society.
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Our Story

That Africa is a naturally empowered continent, however, the continent is daily plagued with myriads of social challenges. Yet, Daffodils Africa recognizes that Africa has a stream of unidentified or unmaximized potential to tackle the continent’s various social challenges. Hence, we are on a mission to significantly foster empowerment opportunities for development in Africa. Together, we can remarkably increase people’s chances to thrive and contribute to Africa’s development. Thereby, reducing inequality in the social status quo and helping you build a legacy.

Our Values


We are committed to creating long-term, sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on the environment and society.


We believe that everyone deserves an equal chance to succeed, regardless of their background, gender, or ethnicity.


To serve with accountability and transparency


Daffodils Africa is committed to serving as an impact executor to communities in Africa and across the world.

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What We Do

Daffodils Africa is dedicated to advancing diversity, equality, and inclusion in Africa through the implementation of projects that make a real difference in people’s lives for individuals, and organizations who have social development or CSR intentions. We execute any range of social impact projects included in the 17 Social Development Global Goals as selected by the project’s sponsor. However, we prioritize the implementation of social impact projects in the following SDGs across African countries;

Ifeoluwa Oyebisi

Founder & CEO
An astute Social Development Practitioner with vast experience in the development sector. Ifeoluwa Oyebisi isn't just a social development whiz; she's a champion for change. Driven by a burning passion for equal opportunities, she founded Daffodils Africa to empower every individual to be able to deliver sustainable social impact.

But that’s not all. By day, Ifeoluwa weaves her magic as the Programs Manager at The 234 Project, transforming minds and unlocking potential with every initiative. Her experience is as diverse as her dreams. From tackling complex projects for individuals, organizations, and even governments, to overseeing the nitty-gritty of non-profit programs, Ifeoluwa leaves no stone unturned in her quest for social justice.

But what truly sets her apart is her infectious enthusiasm. Watching a community blossom under Daffodils Africa’s care, seeing a glimmer of hope ignite in someone’s eyes after using the least of their resources to change another’s world – that’s what fuels Ifeoluwa’s fire. Ifeoluwa is not just about  the thrill of a successful project; it’s the belief that everyone, regardless of their resources, zip code, deserves a chance to express their heart.

At Daffodils Africa, we’re honored to have Ifeoluwa at the helm, guiding us with her strategic mind, unwavering compassion, and a smile that could light up a village. Come, join us on her journey. Together, let’s build a world where opportunity blooms for all.

Board of Advisory:

Olayinka Layi-Adeite,  Ibrahim Mutyaba, David Eche, Crystal Chigbu

The Team

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